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December 23, 2020

Really Apple? Let's talk about the strange AirPods Max

*sigh* What's so wrong about Apple's AirPod Max over-ear headphones and why I'm really pissed off.

Opinions News

September 19, 2020

Phones that fold, flip and rotate. Make sure you know the difference!

Your next phone could be a phone that does more than just lay flat on the table! In the era of folding display technology, phones are not folding, flipping, and rotating. Is one screen no longer enough? Let me take you throug...


September 16, 2020

PCs are the best gaming consoles

As someone who has done some casual and mild gaming on PC and a bunch of consoles, to me the PC is a clear winner in the ongoing battle between PC and console gamers. Graphics, performance, and upgradability are just some of ...

Opinions Gaming

September 09, 2020

Prime Video is better than Netflix (and keeps people social)

Did you know that Amazon has introduced a watch party feature on Prime Video? You can watch movies and shows with your friends and family around the world effortlessly and in sync with each other. Amazon has packed quite a fe...

Not Too Techy Opinions Media

August 30, 2020

Not just for streamers! Stream Deck is an amazing productivity tool!

The Elgato Stream Deck is an essential gadget for anyone serious about streaming, but did you know that it’s very versatile and has many use cases that can benefit you for work or just general computer use? Let me tell you ho...

Tips And Tricks Opinions

August 23, 2020

TVS are the best monitors

So a few months ago I replaced my two 24-inch monitors with a single 43-inch TV, and that was the best decisions I’ve made all year! Let me tell you why getting a TV instead of a PC monitor is actually better for you. Recomme...

Not Too Techy Opinions

August 21, 2020

More is not always better (do your research!)

People want more megapixels! Higher resolution! MORE EVERYTHING! Well, that shouldn’t always be the case! Larger numbers and higher specs are great, but are they necessary for you?


August 11, 2020

Mechanical keyboards and why they’re great

Not all keyboards are created equal! Mechanical keyboards do have a lot of benefits over the standard ones and they can be better for your productivity.