Nov. 13, 2021

Elding Ring beta codes are worth a lot of money - GWS#060

No surprised, scalpers started selling off the beta codes to Elden Ring for hundreds of dollars.
If you wanted to create your own metaverse, Niantic's tech is up for grabs.
Unity buys the proprietary tech behind The Lord of the Rings.
Among Us Cosmicube update: store, XP, cross progression, and new roles
Nintendo wants to do better and invest more in games, services, and infrastructure.
We're not even done with NFTs and blockchain.

Elden Ring codes are being scalpers

Starting Nov 12 FromSoftware will let players try out Elden Ring for the first time in a closed Network beta

They already sent out 50,000 codes to some lucky people

However, scalpers being scalpers have started selling those codes on Ebay

from $33USD all the way up to $399.99USD

5 Elden Ring Classes Revealed and You can freely upgrade to the next gen

The Elden ring twitter account revealed all the playable classes in Elden Ring

  • Warrior
  • Enchanted Knight
  • Prophet
  • Champion
  • and Bloody Wolf

No mention whether this is the full list of Classes or not


  • Dark Souls has 10 classes
  • Dark Souls 2 had 8
  • Dark Souls 3 had 10
  • Bloodbourne had 9
  • Sekiro had no classes

If you order the PS4 or Xbox one version of the game you can freely upgrade to the Xbox series or Playstation 5 version of the game at no additional cost


Niantic is giving away the keys to your very own Metaverse

Niantic is the company that worked with Nintendo on Pokémon Go and the recently announced Pikmin Bloom AR games. They announced that they are giving access to their Lightship Augmented Reality technology to anyone who whishes to use it.

The technology and tools are offered for free for the first 6 months, after which if the app has more than 50,000 monthly active users, then a fee will be payable.

Universal Pictures, PGA of America, and Warner Music Group have previously taken part in a private beta and have opted in for the program.

Niantic has also announced a $20 million investment fund to support developers who share their "vision of the real-world metaverse and contribute to the global ecosystem that [they] are building".


Unity might introduce Oscar-winning FX to developers

Unity has purchased the tech assets of Weta Digital VFX house, which was cofounded by Peter Jackson and was behind the VFX of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies as well as Avatar, Jungle Cruise, The Suicide Squad, and Black Widow.

The acquisition of the proprietary tech from Weta was for $1.625 billion, with the deal expected to be finalized before the end of the year.

The deal will see Weta Digital VFX split into two halves; Weta Digital, which is what Unity has acquired that includes the tech assets, and WetaFX, which is the visual effects business.

Unity will be getting tools such as the manuka and Gazebo renderers, the Barbershop hair and fur system, and the Loki physics-based simulation tools, as well as 275 of Weta's engineers.

T: This is similar to how Unreal was involved in the virtual production of The Mandalorian. Unreal Engine was used to render in real time backgrounds and locations on 20-foot high, 270-degree semicircular LED video walls that were rendered and manipulated on set and allowed the actors to interact with their environments.


Emergency Meeting call for Among Us fans

Innersloth held a Among Us 'Emergency Meeting' Livestream to reveal the new updates to the game, which are available now.

"Pizza with extra Cheese" that is how the opening meeting opens from the Innersloth devs, and everyone starts cheering

A store is introduced for the game where you can buy hats, skins, visors, nameplates, and pets. Innersloth addressed the inclusion of microtransactions in the game by saying that the money will be used for more updates, server costs, team wages, survival, therapy, food, boba, and a new game.

They also introduced two currencies:

  • Beans; buys Items, Bundles and Cosmicubes. Earnt but playing the game
  • Stars; Also buys Items Bundles and Cosmicubes but with real money. The Nintendo Switch is the only platform that doesn't have Stars available across platforms.

There is a leveling system that levels up your player with XP gained by winning rounds, identifying the imposter, killing crewmates and completing tasks. Leveling up earns you multipliers for earning more Beans and Pods

Cosmicubes is a skill tree of cosmetic items that can only be unlocked with Pods, which you gain by playing the game

Achievements are enabled

New Roles:

  • Scientist; Can access vitals at any time
  • Shapeshifter
  • Engineer; non imposter who can use vents
  • Guardian Angel; who can protect remaining crew after they are dead

Accounts can be linked to tie in your cosmetics, XP, Pods and currencies


Nintendo wants to do better

It was revealed during Nintendo's corporate management briefing that Nintendo Switch Online had over 32 million members as of September 2021, 6 million members more than what they had in September 2020.

They also revealed that 92.87 million Switch units were sold, meaning that around 34% of Switch owners have signed up.

Nintendo has officially stated that they will improve the service as a whole as well as the new Expansion Pack tier to aim to satisfy customers.

Nintendo has also outlined three key areas that they plan to invest a significant amount of money in

  • Around $880 million will be invested to organically expand the game development assets and creative culture, which may or may not include acquiring other studios or companies.
  • Around $440 million will be invested in non-game entertainment opportunities that ties in with their core business, such as the Super Mario movies and LEGO partnerships.
  • Around $2.64 billion will be invested in maintaining and expanding their relationship with consumers and offering better experiences and services. They will apparently aim to build a 'uniquely Nintendo service infrastructure', focus on the move to digital, and review My Nintendo and its products.

They gave a vague update that Nintendo's next console will continue with the "integrated hardware-software" approach, and they used the "20xx" placeholder for the release date.


More studios embrace NFTs and Blockchains

EA has stated that it is also looking into the play-to-earn market, and that NFTs and blockchain gaming are an "important part about the future" of the industry. Having said that, they have cautioned that it's still too early and they need to figure out it's going to happen.

Square Enix is also jumping the NFT and blockchain gaming bandwagon after a successful proof of concept in October that saw them collaborate with Double Jump Tokyo to create a series of NFTs of the Million Arthur franchise.

They believe that NFTS have a high affinity with their assets, and that they will start fully commercializing them in the near future.

T: As mentioned in the article, NFTs and blockchain gaming can turn things around and give players complete ownership over their items that they can either carry over across platforms or to different games (such as sequels), or even trade with other players. I believe this could also guarantee that all traded items are authentic and not modded.


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