Aug. 31, 2021

Highlights from Gamescom 2021 - GWS#049

With over 200 announcements at Gamescom 2021, Fudfood had quite the challenge to watch the whole thing and shortlist his list of top announcements, but he was victorious and we've got some pretty cool games to talk about!

Day 1

Lindsey Sterling Performed at the Gamescom show playing Tales of Arise Music

  • One of the nice surprises was Lindsey sterling, big time gamer, cosplayer and violinist of video gaming covers.
  • She performed a live musical performance from Tales of Arise during the Opening Night Live show.
  • Her claim to fame was doing Legend of Zelda and Assassins Creed covers on YouTube.
  • The game is focused on character interaction moments and how it will function in battle.
  • Also, there are various pass times like camping and fishing as part of the game experience.
  • The demo is out now to try the game for yourself.
  • Tales of Arise will release on everything except Switch on Sep 9th in Japan then rest of the world on Sept 10

Elden Ring will be FromSoft's Breath of The Wild

  • Some members of the press were able to see a closed demo of Elden Ring. We will be taking Eurogamers perspective.
  • From Software's Yashuhiro Kitao addressed that Elden ring will have the story front and center compared to previous Souls games.
  • The game aims to make you go off in any direction you choose hence the open world nature of the game.
  • There will be Legacy Dungeons and Overworld environments and biomes to explore. Stormveil Castle is the only one shown in the demo.
  • The player’s character is fully customizable. Two revealed builds are specialty in swords and melee. Second build was spellcasting sorcerer.
  • The new mechanic in Elden Ring is to summon spirits to help fight with you. In previous Souls games, it was a summon sign on the ground. In this one you can summon different types of summons from tanks to damage dealers to build your strategy.
  • You can play the game in co-op or single player. Single player will enable the summon feature. co-op can have a max of two other players at a time.
  • Stealth is also a big factor in the game. You can use this to bypass enemies while infiltrating a dungeon.
  • You can is the day night cycles.

DeadMau5 made a game inside another game!

  • Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau-5, created a virtual world called Oberhasli to reflect the live music experience of his concerts.
  • This was designed inside the Core platform. Core is a user generated game platform that uses the Epic's Unreal Engine and is available at the Epic games store. Developed by Manticore Games, it has been in early access since Apr 15th this year.
  • Core has been described as Roblox but for adults.
  • It will be released on Oct 14th.
  • Opening day will have a live performance with Deadmau5 and other performers.
  • The idea behind it is to be open always for anyone and not be a timed event like those in Fortnite.
  • Also, he states that he wanted to regularly update the game and keep it relevant to real-world news and events

Valheim gets an animated release trailer for their first update

  • This is Valheim’s first big update since release. The animated trailer looks like it could be a show on its own.
  • Hearth and Home will drop on Sept 16th
  • Some updates include:
    • New food system; focused on boosting health and stamina
    • New recipes and cooking station extensions
    • Changes to blocking and staggering; effectiveness of blocks will be based on your maximum health instead of stamina
    • New ways to display your treasure; place your gold in piles or create coin stacks
    • Additional Building Blocks like darkwood roof pieces and window hatches

Day 2

Synced off: planet mixes PvE and PvP

  • Synced is a new battle royale game that focuses on PvE/PvP and is defining a new sub-genre of 'companion-based shooter'.
  • Game was revealed in 2019.
  • Morpheus chip, a powerful brain-computer, destroyed the world.
  • It manipulated nanotechnology to take over their hosts and started infecting everyone into Nanos.
  • Game can be played solo or as a trio.
  • The game’s Seasons, crafted as missions, are the main campaign of the world.
  • Sync mechanics; crushers, suppressor, guardian and seer.
  • Using your mechanics to gain companions to help in the fight.
  • Three main modes;
    • Off-planet;
    • Score based mode
    • PvE mode
  • Early access next year. PC first.
  • Alpha test starting Sep 3rd, sign up at com

Dying light 2

  • Launching Dec 7th for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.
  • A day before Halo Infinite.
  • The game features new fighting styles and more verticality with the revamped parkour mechanics.
  • You can now rebound off characters by staggering them or launching them off cliffs as you traverse the open world city scape.
  • Also, there is a paraglider that will have players traverse buildings.
  • Map is apparently 4 times larger than the first game.
  • The plot takes place 20 years since the first game.


  • Interesting RPG with ERROR mechanics.
  • Q1 2022 on Steam and Switch.
  • It is a game based on the Developers journey to destroy all bugs and glitches.
  • There are lots of references and callbacks to other popular games. Looking to be more of a parody game than anything.
  • Nothing else was reveled other than the awesome trailer.

Time Loader

  • You send a time traveling robot into the past, 1995, to prevent an accident.
  • This game is a story driven puzzle game and you control the robot to move small everyday objects to reach your goal.
  • Developed by Flazm, has no realease date and is coming out on steam, gog and epic games store.
  • Demo is out now.

Arcadian Atlas

  • Final Fantasy Tactics style game; 2D isometric tactical role-playing game.
  • Demo out on Steam.
  • Release date sometime 2022 for PC, Mac and Linux.
  • Set in the world of Arcadia, build an army of troops by customizing their classes and skills against monsters and men.
  • There are more than 12 custom classes to choose from. Some are:
    • Cavalier tree - Heavy Paladin style class
    • Warmancer Tree - Magicians that use sorcery to conjure devastating magic or healing cures to the party
    • Ranger Tree - Can be upgraded to Hunters who gain animal companions to use in battle
    • Apothercary Tree - Mad scientists mixing potions to use asa explosives or to heal the party

Against the Storm

  • PC only, demo is on Epic store Oct 18th
  • Roguelite city builder set in a fantasy world on a planet with nonstop rain
  • The goal is to survive as long as you can by upgrading your city before the storm hits.
  • You can construct and endless number of cities.
  • You can have human, beavers or lizardfolk inhabitants
  • Each game is different than the last. Never play the same game twice.

Falling Frontier


  • 3 years in the making made by one person, Todd D'Arcy.
  • Sci-Fi RTS space shooter resource manager.
  • Has base building and ship design.
  • Each ship in your flotilla consumes ammunition, the crew consumes food and ships sustain damage post combat.
  • Slated to released on PC later this year.
  • Won E3 2021 Most Anticipated Indie Game.

Day 3

Lemnis gate release date revealed

  • 28th Sep 2021 release date, -20% prepurchase discount.
  • PC PS5,PS4, Xbox series X|S and Xbox One.
  • Available on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

Aiko's Choice

  • Steam December 2021.
  • a standalone expansion for Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun.
  • Released back in Dec 2016, Shadow Tactics got an overwhelming positive review. Developed by Mimimi Games.
  • It is an isometric tactical stealth game.
  • Based in Edo Japan you use shadow skills to execute your stealth attacks in one go.
  • Aiko's Choice focuses on one of the main characters from the previous game, Aiko, who disguises herself as a geisha.


  • Aug 31st release on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S , Switch and PC.
  • Medieval Classic GTA-gameplay that is a parody of the series, you can pimp out your horse to elude the guards/police of the world.
  • Guy is the main antagonist/antihero in an open world environment.
  • You start off as a poor peasant who turns into the largest thug in medieval history.
  • Shoot Cows into the sky, dig up dinosaur bones and hire a musical minstrel/bards as a companion to play tunes hip-hop medieval tunes on your adventures.

Naser son of Man - THE Prince of Persia

  • Side-scrolling action shooter with a deep and rich story.
  • There are puzzle and platforming elements and has a mechanic to summon God to punch, flick or middle finger enemies with a giant hand coming from the sky.
  • Naser was a prince of the Land of Persia that was invaded by robots.
  • Key Features
    • An emotional and also comedic story.
    • Intense cover-based shooting.
    • Puzzle solving.
    • Three different worlds.
    • Players can use the powers of God.
    • More than ten different weapons with their unique powers.
    • Different costumes for Naser.
    • Fully voiced characters by the professionals of the industry.
    • An epic and impactful orchestral soundtrack.
  • It is in development for PS5,PS4, Xbox series X|S and PC.

Dream Cycle - from the creators of Lara Croft

  • Developer Cathuria Games; Owned by Toby Gard who is one of the creators of Tomb Raider.
  • Action adventure game with the protagonist Morgan Carter.
  • More magic focused than Tomb Raider.
  • Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft stories.
  • Early Access on Sep 7th 2021 via Steam.

Tim’s honorable mentions

Flight Simulator... Racing?

  • World Update 6 coming in September 7th.
  • New Arial Maps, upgraded airports, improved 3D city scans, and 100 of the most famous landmarks for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
  • Competitive multiplayer coming this fall with the Reno Air Racing Association.

Sea of Borderlands

  • On From August 25th to September 7th, the Mayhem Ship will be attainable as part of a special event.

Stray Blade

  • Action RPG with exploration, resource gathering, and looting elements.
  • Must anticipate enemy moves and react quickly.
  • The world changes every time you fight or even die, so progression will be random.

Forza Horizon 5

  • A new limited-edition controller was announced, will have translucent neon yellow with pink and blue spray paint accents.
  • These are the new controllers that will have a grippy texture on the back.
  • The opening drive was shown off, with different vehicle types traveling through environments.

Salt and Sacrifice

  • Sequel to Salt and Sanctuary.
  • Souls-like platformer.
  • Added online co-op, online PvE and PvP factions.
  • With the guiltless shard which you will have to consume, you can summon a stranger to come play with you, which will lead you to be attacked by invaders. Other players will be called to aid you in defeating your enemies.
  • As a blue heart runner, you have to go out and gather ashes which will draw more enemies to you, but the more you collect the more equipped you will be to defeat them. You can have allies and can be attacked by other two-man teams in an all-out brawl.
  • You can decide to play solo without any of the online functionality, or even play co-op with a friend using a password system and not worry about being invaded.
  • Coming out in 2022 on PS4, PS5, and PC.


  • Psychological horror FPS that looks like it's based on taking photos with an instant camera.
  • You play as Luca who is being forced by demon MADiSON to continue a gory ritual which was started decades ago.
  • Take and develop picture.
  • Explore the world and solve puzzles.
  • Lots of running around in endless corridors.
  • Coming to PC in 2021 and consoles in 2022.


  • Action-adventure open-world game with Dokebi, which are spirit-like entities featured in Korean folktales.
  • Game has very detailed and high quality graphics, while maintaining a cartoonish look.
  • You must collect Dokebi and go on adventures with them and help people with their problems.
  • There are several mini-games available.
  • You can move around quickly and dynamically in the Pearl Abyss-inspired battles.

T: This is basically Pokémon but with a very fresh and interesting take

Gungrave G.O.R.E

  • Revival of the old third-person shooter franchise from 2002.
  • Was supposed to be released in 2019 on the PS4, which was delayed to 2020.
  • It was decided to delay it again to make a cooler game for the fans.
  • Coming 2022 to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S.