May 7, 2021

Microsoft wants to reward PC developers and gamers - GWS#025

Microsoft reduces their cut from games sold on the Windows App Store to 12 percent. Will Steam fall under pressure?
Halo Infinite on the PC will support 32:9 ultrawide monitors, crossplay, cross progression, and more! Looks like Microsoft is doubling down on PC gaming.
74 more games get Microsoft's FPS Boost on the Xbox Series X/S. Assassing's Creed Unity at 120 frames per second sounds like a really good thing
Speaking of 120 frames per second, it appears that the Mass Effect Legendary edition will only able to run at 120 frames per second on the Xbox Series X... too bad for the PS5 fans that were waiting for the game to drop
What's going to drop later this year however is the promised Xbox Series X mini fridges! Confirmed that it will be "widely available". I'm so getting one!
Sony swooped in after Discord rejected Microsoft's buyout offer and instead made a minority investment into Discord to have it fully integrated into the PlayStation ecosystem next year
Nintendo announces Game Builder Garage on the Nintendo Switch; a game that teaches you how to code and develop games... in a very fun and Nintendo way!
Terry Crews calls for localizing Mother 3... could his voice be loud enough?