Aug. 20, 2021

Presenting Arceus: Pokemon of the Wild! - GWS#046

What would it look like if Breath of the Wild and Pokemon merged? Pokemon Legends: Arceus of course! Fudfood and I also had a great chat with Noxvoyager and Chaos from Steamers Outta Content who are on a mission to help up and coming content creators grow.


Pokemon Presents PresentationémonYouTubechannel

  • Pokemon Unite
    • Free to play MOBA-style game similar to Smite or League of Legends
    • Mobile version to be released on September 22
    • Pre registration begins today
    • Crossplay with Switch version
    • Gifts in the game will be given to players based on the number of people who preregister
      • Over 2.5 million: Pikachu license
      • Over 5 million: Special Festival Style Pikachu Holowear
    • Switch players who log in before August 31st will get a Zeraora license as a launch bonus which can be used in the mobile version by linking accounts
    • Pokemons coming in future updates
      • Mamoswine
      • Sylveon
    • F: My friend Dion is a Pokemon expert, and he describes the game as "LoL with Pokemon, but a lot quicker". He mains Greninja
  • Pokemon Cafe Mix
    • Unique puzzle-type game that came out last year as free to play mobile and Switch where you are the owner of a cafe that serves treats to Pokemons
    • Bejeweled-style where you need to link two or more of the same Pokemon to get items you need to make your drink/treat
    • Getting a revamp and renamed to Pokemon Cafe Remix
    • Refreshed puzzles with new elements
    • New Pokemons and dress up options
    • More ways of growing and developing staff Pokemons
    • Coming this Fall
  • Pokemon Masters EX
    • It is a mobile game that has you collecting Pokemon Trainers and their Pokemon from the other Pokemon series
    • Celebrating two-year anniversary
    • They announced new characters, Sygna suit Leon and Eternatus starting 18th Aug
    • Complete the event to team up with Hop & Zamazenta
    • Log in for a chance to scout up to 100 sync pairs and 3,000 gems at no cost
    • Three legendary events will be available together, so players can pair up with any of the three legendary Pokemons
    • New story arc in September 15th which will focus on the Team Rocket organization
  • Pokemon GO!
    • Celebrating 5th anniversary
    • New Pokemons from the Galar region will appear from 10 AM local time on Friday August 20th to 8 PM local time on Tuesday August 31st
      • Wooloo
      • Skwovet
      • Falinks
      • Legendary Pokemon Zacian will be available in 5 star raids from 10 AM local time Friday August 20th to 10 AM local time Thursday August 26th
      • Legendary Pokemon Zamazenta will be available in 5 star raids from 10 AM local time Thursday August 26th to 10 AM local time Wednesday September 1st
  • Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Pokemon Shining Pearl
    • Revitalized 15 year-old versions of the Diamond and Pearl games
    • Available November 19. Preorder started after presentation
    • Special Nintendo Switch Lite Dialga & Palkia editions releasing on Friday, November 5th
    • The grand underground has you digging up Pokemon fossils and decorating your underground secret base.
    • There are Pokemon hideaways, new to the remake, that will have Pokemon appearing based on what status you have placed in your base.
    • Collect Stickers to affect the effects of the Pokemon ball when you go into battle like to have confetti or fireworks.
    • Another new feature is to have new clothing and styles that you can change to anytime.
    • Super Contests Shows, is a rhythm based game to show off your Pokemon.
    • Union Room has local and online communication in real time.
    • You can also walk around with your Pokemon in the world map.
    • Ranked battles will not take place in this game as Pokemon Sword and Shield has.
  • Pokemon Legends Arceus
    • Developed by Game Freak, prequel to all Pokemon game
    • Takes place in the Hisui Region during the era where it was rare for Pokemon to peacefully coexist with people. In the future it becomes the Sinnoh region that is in Pokemon Diamon and Pearl
    • Your goal is to complete the first Pokedex for the Hisui region
    • 3D open-world RPG with action elements and a visual style similar to Breath of the Wild
    • Pokemons are visible in the world around you, and you need to catch them based on their behavior; either by sneaking up on them or engaging them in combat.
    • Pokemons can battle in Strong style or Agile style; either emphasize attack power to end battles in one move or the ability to perform multiple actions in a row
    • Mixes Action with RPG elements
    • Different ecosystems surround Mount Coronet with their own variety of Pokemons
    • Base camps will help you recover and also to buy or craft items to help you with your survey work
    • Pokemons of the Hisui regions
      • Wyrdeer is a white deer looking pokemon once caught you can ride
      • Basculegion; grey pink fish pokemon that you can swim with. This pokemon gains powers from the souls possessing it?!
      • Hisuian Braviary; Grey-White pokemon that you can fly with
      • Hisuian Growlithe
    • Ranked battles will not take place in this game as Pokemon Sword and Shield has
    • Coming January 28, 2022, Preorder started after presentation
  • Pokemon Home
    • Cloud service for Nintendo Switch and compatible devices
    • Support for Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Arceus coming in 2022



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