Oct. 29, 2021

Sony tried to warn us about its State of Play! - GWS#058

State of Play 2021... Meh?
Nintendo is pushing people towards illegal emulation.
Halo Infinite Campaign looks good
Xbox MMO in the works?
Over 1,000 PC games on the Xbox thanks to.... Edge?
Changes to the GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition
Sony wants stream audiences to kick players out of the game

State of Play 2021... Meh?


Deathverse Let it Die

Opening Game and First look/reveal of the game

This game is sequel to Let it Die; Free to play rogue multiplayer survival action game; which came out in 2018

Developed by SuperTrick; They described Deathverse as a PvPvE combat game

TV show killing game

Forge weapons and kill stylishly

Coming Spring 2022 on PS4 PS5


Little Devil Inside

The Closing game showing gameplay

Billy the main protagonist rides a train to get a new job

World map travel is shown as the main hub of the game

strike and puncture enemies to throw them around

Fishing and survival is key to the game

Shows desert and cold climates and encounters unexpected robot monsters

no release date!

New Star Ocean Game

Star Ocean: The Divine Force

Coming 2022 PS5 PS4


We are OFK

Interactive series published by Team OFK

5 episodes that are Interactive animated series

5 interactive music videos with music debut by OFK

They have a song on spotify and on their website called "follow/unfollow"

The game follows the lives of 4 friends in their 20s as they try to get into the music business. Fall in love and figure out how to pay rent while living in Los Angeles

Coming to PC PS4 PS5 sometime in 2022

Deaths Door coming to Ps5 and Ps4

Coming to Playstation on Nov 23rd

Preorders are open now and you get Titan Souls for free (A pixel action adventure game)

Was released on PC and xbox on 20th Jul 2021

Its been a very positive hit on steam


KartRider: Drift


Free to play KartRider Drift coming to PS4 in2022

You can sign up for the beta for this 8th dec now on their official website

This game is also in development for PC, Xbox1, Series X|S, and will support cross play and cross progression


King of Fighters 15

Open beta nov20th CET 4am to nov 22nd 4pm

coming to ps5 and ps4 feb 17th 2022

FNAF: Security Breach gameplay update

coming 16th Dec 2021 Ps4 and PS5


First Class Trouble


Early Access game on steam

Coming to PS4 and PS5 next month

Coming for free for PS plus members

A social game to figure out who is the resident and who is the deadly Ai

Similar to Among Us but 3D


BugSnax: The Isle of Bigsnax free DLC update

Larger and newer bugsnacks

Coming Early 2022 as a free dlc

F: The intro graphics and music. Do they sell that? Can I get it as a screensaver Sony

T: Based on the comments, people seem to be very dissatisfied with this State of Play, with 32k likes and 8.1k dislikes on YouTube equating to around a 20% dislike. The last two State of Plays got 6% and 9% dislikes.


Nintendo is pushing people towards illegal emulation.


It has been reported by many players who have subscribed to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack plan that the games are running poorly, and in some cases, worse than the same game that was available as a Wii U Virtual Console game.

There are issues with texture and fog draw distance in the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time, which are clearly shown in screenshots comparing the same scene on the N64, Wii U, and The Switch which were shared by speedrunner ZFG1 on Twitter.

There's also a clip which has also been shared on Twitter of the game crashing after a experiencing some issues with just running around Kakariko Village.

Framerate and fog issues have also been reported to exist in Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64.

There have also been framerate and latency problems while playing online games, and it's suggested by homebrew expert OatmealDome that the reason for that is because the N64 emulation is using the "perfect sync" netcode which will pause the game until everyone catches up.

The original Mario Kart 64 required a Controller Pak for the player to save time trial data, and the Switch version of the game still asks players to insert one, and since they can't, that means that ghost trials cannot be carried over.

The original N64 controller had more buttons and a different layout than the Switch controllers, so that has also presented some issues, and there doesn't seem to be a way to remap buttons to your liking.

To maintain the original games' 4:3 aspect ratio, the games are surrounded by grey borders on the left and right side, which could have instead been black specially since Nintendo just released the Switch OLED model.


Furthermore, the N64 wireless controllers do not have a slot available to insert accessories like the Controller Pak or even a Rumble Pak just like the original did, meaning that any game that required such accessories will be missing out on it.

T: Nintendo introduced the Virtual Console on the Wii in 2013, and they had more than enough time to build a never-before seen platform for retro game emulation. They could have built the Game Pass of retro gaming where with a single subscription members would get access to a rotating library of retro games, with the option to buy and permanently keep individual games for a fixed price.


Halo Infinite Campaign looks good



343 Industries re-revealed the campaign mode in a 6-minute video

The first reveal was in 2020 and was very negatively received due to the lackluster visuals (which birthed the Craig meme), and was the reason why 343 brought back Halo vet Jet Staten to take charge of the development.

The story revolves around Master Chief trying to figure out why his longtime AI partner Cortana went rogue and tried to destroy humanity, which leads him on a journey to find another AI called The Weapon which was designed as a countermeasure to Cortana.

The enemies that you will encounter in the game are called The Banished.

Halo Infinite is touted to be the most wide open and adventure-filled Halo experience yet.

It seems that Master Chief will be able to choose from a collection of vehicles to take on his next mission, which will be delivered via orbital drops.

Forward Operating Bases, or FOBs, serve as a form of a home base in the new areas that you unlock, which is where you can find the garage, weapons, as well as be able to use to fast travel.

Enemies will have their own bases that you can destroy for additional XP (aka Valor) and side quest completion.

The equipment that you collect in the game such as the Grappleshot seem to be upgradable to improve on functionality or reduce cooldown times before reaching a final upgrade perk. It appears that the equipment could also be acquired as you progress in the story or unlocked using some form of currency like Valor.

It's suspected that there could be a system where you will be given targets that need to be assassinated or killed, which could be part of the story mission or just optional side quests.


Xbox MMO in the works?



It's reported that Xbox Game Studios is partnering with Finnish developer Mainframe on a cloud-native MMO with a working title of Pax Dei, and is being described as "a vibrant world with new ways to engage and connect with our friends", and will be important for Xbox for "highlighting hurdles with cloud-based alternatives".

Mainframe says that the upcoming game will "mix the best AAA, MMO and mobile gameplay mechanics that can only work in a game that exists primarily on a remote server".

The aim is to have the game complexity scale depending on which device it's being played on. Crafting and resource farming will be great on mobile and tablet devices, while raids will be best on console or PC.

While Xbox's deal with Hideo Kojima has yet been finalized, this game could serve as a learning experience for when the time comes to assist him with his project.

Kim Swift, who work on Portal and Left 4 Dead and was also a former Stadia game design director, was brought in to help build a team for Xbox and Hideo to focus on new cloud-based gaming and to help Xbox reach gamers "beyond hardware under a TV or monitor" that "normally wouldn't spend hundreds of dollars on a console or PC"

Mainframe is a pan-Nordic MMO studio that was formed in April 2019 to develop cloud-native games. It was founded by former CCP, Remedy, and Next Games veterans, and has received investment from Riot Games as well as other investors.


Over 1,000 PC games on the Xbox thanks to.... Edge?



Nvidia's game streaming service GeForce Now has gotten beta support on the Microsoft Edge browser, meaning that Xbox players can use it to stream over 1,000 PC games straight to their consoles

This excludes any game that due to contractual agreements has restrictions on how and where it can be played, such as Death Stranding.

There are some downsides with using the Edge browser as a way to stream games as the virtual keyboard appears every time you click and multiplayer games won't perform as well due to the latency.


Wu-Tang Clan aint nothing to mess with; especially in an action RPG


On the Xbox Two Podcast, journalist Jez Corden said that he heard in July that Microsoft was working on a Wu-Tang game.

The game would use "Wu-Tang Clan lore" and will have a soundtrack created by the Wu-Tang Clan. It will also be melee combat focused with four player co-op support.

GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb has also corroborated this information and revealed that the game would be a third-person fantasy RPG that is dozens of hours long and with seasonal content.


Changes to the GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition


Higher resolution textures and a completely rebuilt lighting system with improved shadows and reflections.

Improved water and weather effects, as well enhanced detail in trees and foliage and increase draw distances.

NVIDIA DLSS support for PC

The control scheme is inspired by GTA 5,

Instant mission restarts and improved targeting controls.

Updated mini maps with enhanced navigation that allows players to set waypoints.

The Nintendo Switch version will get touch screen camera zooming, pans and menu selections as well as gyro aiming.

The game will be playable in 4K at 60fps on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.


Sony wants stream audiences to kick players out of the game


A recently-approved patent from Sony describes a voting system feature where viewers in a stream will be able to temporarily or permanently kick players from multiplayer games. It is also possible to for viewers to pay to have someone kicked.

Viewers can also send messages directly to the players in-game.

T: It has been proven many times that places like Twitch can be quite toxic, and giving viewers that level of control of the player is obviously a horrible idea. What would work is to have viewers vote on what happens next in the game, such as deciding who the next enemy would be, or the difficulty level.

T: This could make multiplayer games unfair if a streamer with many loyal followers leverages that to their advantage (by making their game easier or sabotaging another player who's also streaming).